Upcycled t-shirt with patchwork of words


Upcycled t-shirt with patchwork. Unique garment, there is only one!


For this series I found some t-shirts with texts, many of them initially designed for teenage girls.


It struck me how many of these texts had to do with finding happiness (‘ be yourself’, ‘when looking at palmtrees you cannot be angry’) or portraying yourself as the happiest person on earth ( ‘paradise, found it’) or narcistic (‘selfie’).


I cut out parts of words, mixed them up, hoping to arrange them back in such a way that you might wonder: is there nothing more in this world than the self? By making a kind of timeline of seemingly non-connecting messages you could create  a new meaning with these words… Let me know what you think.


My own ‘1st world problem’ was that in secondhandshops I was usually overwhelmed by the huge choice, chaos, full racks and in the end often not great cloths, even though for a long time I have liked the idea of recycling and sharing cloths. This shirt is redesigned to hopefully reduce mountains of waste.

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Upcycled t-shirt with patchwork of words


  • upcycled t-shirt with patchwork of words
  • used t-shirts redesigned
  • unique garment!
  • cotton / elastan
  • black with white-grey-black patchwork strip
  • long sleeves, length 58cm / 23 inches
  • length shirt 65cm /  25,5 inches
  • size XXL
  • art. no: R 006


Redesigned in Holland by Liz Streefkerk


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