upcycled t-shirt, redesigned 2nd hand t-shirt


Upcycled t-shirt.


For this series I went to the local 2nd handshop, bought 7 t-shirts, went home straight, cut them up in pieces, changed them around and joined them back together, lock-stitched on the outside.


You might wonder why? They were already t-shirts you could say.


I was just wandering if there were more people like me who are tired of wearing plain t-shirts, of buying new cloths and add to the mountains of rubbish and polution, and childlabour and other social issues…


Instead of all this you can wear this unique t-shirt,

made of good quality shirts. Some of them were even never used, just leftovers after the season was finished, and ready to be shipped abroad. Can you imagine first they arrive here from Asia and then moving to Africa or back to Asia… to compete with the local manufacturers.


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upcycled t-shirt, redesigned 2nd hand t-shirt


  • upcycled t-shirt
  • sustainable
  • size L
  • joints lock-stitched on the outside
  • length shirt 61 cm / 24 inch
  • length sleeve 57 cm / 22,5 inch
  • R 003


Do you prefer short sleeves? Click here.


Some of the photos show a bit of the work process.


Redesigned in Holland by Liz Streefkerk.


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