Liz & Joe designs are timeless, each piece a look that will last. Beautiful rather than trendy. A wide range of colours and shapes encourage people to make their own choices about what looks good, and materials such as silk, cotton, linen and viscose make you feel comfortable.


The dyes used with silk jackets and scarves are environmentally friendly . The clothing industry produces a lot of waste, but in some of the Liz & Joe designs remnants of textiles find a new life. The clothes are made with solar energy.


A Liz and Joe garment is unique, designed, hand dyed and sewn in Holland and sometimes on the Greek island of Amorgos by Dutch designer Liz Streefkerk. In 1984 Liz started this adventure in Nigeria, and the African impressions are still visible in the cloths.


For 12 years the flamboyant colours of hand dyed materials were around her in Nigeria and bright colours continue to be the centre of her designs, together with the turquoise seas and vibrant sunsets of the Greek islands with their overwhelming nature, all helping to evolve her ideas.